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Fintona Oral History Group (OHG): downloadable podcasts and documents

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Release 1. Betty Henty-Wilson, a life in primary school education (podcast)

Betty Henty-Wilsonsoundbite

Release 2. Dora Scales, the education of an educator (podcast)

Dora Scalessoundbite

Release 3. Jeannie Roberts, belonging to two worlds (podcast)

Jeannie Robertssample

Release 4. Erratum/addendum to 'The History of Fintona 1896-1948' (document)

Release 5. Tribute to Mrs Elizabeth Danne, biologist and teacher, 1920-2012 (document)

Elizabeth Danne

Release 6. We can still remember. Girls at school 1912-1934 (podcast)

girls at Mt Buffalosex education

Release 7. The Lady Principal, Miss Annie Hughston 1859-1943 (journal article)


Release 8. William Hughston 1867-1930: His Life and Legacy (journal article). Victorian Historical Journal Vol 86, No. 2, pp 299-320. Available in some libraries and from The Royal Historical Society of Victoria



Recent and pending publications pertinent to Fintona but not by the OHG

A. Dora Lush, the Australian scientist and war hero (podcast)


B. The new history of Fintona - 'For the honour of our school: 120 years of Fintona Girls School'

Claire Levi of HistorySmiths was commissioned by Fintona to write this work. It is due for publication in 2016

About the oral history group

The oral history group conducted its first interview in 2006. The group's purpose is as follows:

For information about the oral history project email: historyinfo@fintonahistory.com.au