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Oral history group, release Number 2.
Dora Scales, the education of an educator.
Release date 2010.

Interviewers: Prue Gill and Suzy Chandler
Narrator: Prue Gill
Editor: Mary Lush

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Dr Dora Scales (née Goudie)

Dora was born in 1920. She was educated in a one teacher school in country Victoria to the then limit of the State education system which was reached at age 14.

Fortunately Dora won the first scholarship she sat for, and completed her secondary education as a boarder at Fintona Girls' School in Melbourne where she survived the open-air classrooms and sleeping quarters then in favour at that school. Fintona at that time was owned by its founder Annie Hughston, but during Dora's time at the school it was sold to Margaret Cunningham.

Dora became an educator at primary school level. She worked in country and city schools, and finally as an educator of educators at La Trobe University. She was awarded a PhD for her work in mathematics education, and published an extensive series of books for primary school teachers.

In this recording Dora speaks about her education in country Victoria and at Fintona, as well as about education in general.

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