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Oral history group, release Number 4.
Erratum/addendum to 'The History of Fintona 1896-1946'.
Release date Edition 1, 2012.

Research and writing: oral history group

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About the erratum/addendum

This document is a list of changes or additions to the 'History'. No claim of absolute accuracy is made, but sources and/or reasons are given for every comment. In the future we expect to find further points needing clarification so have identified this document as Edition 1.

Conditions of use: Intellectual Property and Ownership

The interviewees and interviewers in the Releases below have agreed to their work being made available, but the Releases remain subject to copyright. Users must not do, permit or authorise any act that infringes this copyright. For example you must not reproduce the Releases, publish the Releases, perform the Releases in public, communicate the Releases to the public, make an adaptation of the Releases, enter into a commercial rental arrangement in respect of the Releases or authorise a third party to do any of those things. You must not at any time do, permit or authorise any act that infringes the Moral Rights in the Releases. For example you must not treat the Releases in a derogatory manner, falsely attribute the Releases or fail to attribute the Releases to the author or performer.

This Release should be cited as: Fintona oral history group (2012). Erratum/addendum to 'The History of Fintona 1896-1946', Edition 1, http://www.fintonahistory.com.au.

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